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50g Rooibos Eco Great Wall of China-Product code: ArTeaP-17

Did You know that tea is, after water, the most widely consumed beverage on Earth?

Despite being the second most consumed drink in the world, in many regions and cultures there are special social events and ceremonies held to promote drinking this mighty brew, such as the tea party.

Sometimes all You need is a good cup of tea.

It is no secret that drinking tea is great for us, with all the antioxidants contained boosting our body's health, at the same time as re-hydrating it. Its benefits go far beyond simply feeling better. So settle in, get relaxed and sip to Your health.

Discover our wide selection of tea blends and make a tea party every day. Our Tea Masters select 100% natural ingredients to create these delicious blends. With a various fusions to choose from, Artisan Tea Blends will be a daily warm hug in a mug.

Materials / Ingredients Rooibos (79%) *, orange peel *, ginger *, lemongrass *, aroma. * Ingredients from organic production

Origin United Kingdom

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